Fashion Nova's expertise is more towards pop culture phenomena, with social media following of over 25 million people, which also includes the celebrity's fans and collaborators who enjoyed the Fashion Nova Coupon and discount. Based in Los Angeles with 5 retail stores in Southern California, Fashion Nova sells collections for both men and women and also for kids with Fashion Nova Coupons.

Fashion Nova Mission:

off sitewide code deals with coupons offers - savings codesThe team of Fashion Nova works round the clock to provide the hottest styles in fashion. The brand forecast fashion trends before any of its competitors and almost introduce more than one thousand new arrivals to its site in a week. Customers are the priority of Fashion Nova and it always finds innovative ways to improve and deliver the most innovative styles in a moment's time. The priority at Fashion Nova is to ensure that the customers always feel confident about the products. The styles revolutionized the fashion industry and dominate the market with its styles and Fashion Nova Coupons.

The mission is the same as from day one, which is to make affordable fashion accessible to customers around the world. There are more brands in the market as well that works hard, but Fashion Nova has the pride of working hardest with exclusive Fashion Nova Coupon and Discount on almost every product.

Fashion Nova Coupon History:

Fashion Nova is a private entity which is operated by its CEO Richard Saghian, who founded the brand in 2006. The idea is to explore the missing part of women's wear by bringing sexy wear and jeans for women in an affordable fashion industry within the country. Fashion Nova revolutionized fashion by making its customers part of the conversation from idea to delivery. Fashion Nova uses Instagram as a platform to connect with the customers in a way that had never been done before. Fashion Nova later opened the first of its stores in Panorama City, and the company has grown up and opened 5 stores across Southern California with the best Fashion Nova Coupons.

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Fashion Nova launched the brand's online store in 2013, which is now its major identifiable presence and first source for customers worldwide. In the last ten years, Fashion Nova has become a household name having more than 25 million followers across social media platforms. Fashion Nova continues to provide innovative styles at affordable prices with the best Fashion Nova Coupon Codes with a dedicated social medial following all over the world.

The celebrity icons of Fashion Nova spread all over the world. Fashion Nova built a strong relationship with its people. Each one of Fashion Nova's celebrity icons engages the market with their personalities. They can see millions of likes on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. The influencer's celebrity inspires everyone around them to own their confidence on Fashion Nova with an additional attraction of the best Fashion Nova Coupon Codes.

Fashion Nova 30% OFF Discount Code Sitewide Promotion - Current Promotion:

The best Fashion Nova Promo Code SAVE80 is applicable for 30% off on all online items which include beauty products from Maven at their website. The promo code excludes gift cards. They can apply a discount code at the checkout. The Fashion Nova coupon code cannot be combined with other discount codes. The company reserves the right to modify or cancel the promotion, promo code, coupon code, any discount, or Fashion Nova Coupon at any time without any notice.

Fashion Nova ReturnĀ  Policy & Process:

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You can easily return the items through Fashion Nova Returns Portal which is open to all customers. They have 30 days from the date of delivery to return the items. All returns are refunded through the stores in the form of a Fashion Nova E-Card. The processing time for these return items is 5-7 business days after the delivery of items at Fashion Nova.

Fashion Nova Prepaid Return Labels:

Fashion Nova does not provide prepaid return labels and people are responsible for covering the shipping cost for their return items in the stores.

Fashion Nova Exchange Policy:

Fashion Nova does not offer the benefit of the exchange but you can return their items through the Fashion Nova Portal and repurchase their items through an online site.

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Fashion Nova Online Return Policy:

  • The items should be unworn, and unwashed and they must have original tags and should be returned in the original packing.
  • Fashion Nova will be responsible for any return packages that may be lost or stolen. People are advised to keep the proof of postage and return tracking number, in case of return of their items.
  • All the return products should have the order packing slip properly filled in. If this is not properly filled, the return process may have issues with the refund.
  • Any damaged, defective or incorrect item must be reported within 7 days of the delivery.

Fashion Nova Rights on Return Policy:

Fashion Nova reserves the right to solely refuse or reject returns from the purchaser at any time due to:

  • Any irregular or excessive return history with us
  • Any irregular or excessive return history with us involving worn, damaged, or missing items;
  • Any fraudulent or criminal activity with us

Further, Fashion Nova also reserves the right to refuse service to any of its users, due to any such similar action. The return policy exclusions of shoes from any app.

Fashion Nova Shipment:More Sweaters sizes selection at shop app

All orders placed at Fashion Nova are subject to processing time and to reach their destination. Depending on a number of factors, the standard domestic and international orders, the ship may take 4 to 5 working days which excludes weekends and holidays.

Once the payment is authorized and verified, standard orders may take 4 working days. Urgent orders take up to one working day to process.

Fashion Nova Gift Cards:

Fashion Nova Gift Cars are delivered through email carrying instructions to redeem them at the checkout page. The card offer has no additional processing fee. Please note that there will be no Fashion Nova Coupon, a promotional discount, coupon code or offer can be applied to purchase a Fashion Nova Card.

Fashion Nova Gift Card Lost:

Customers should safeguard their Card or E-Card for their own protection. It is the discretion of Fashion Nova to replace a Card or E-Card for the remaining balance at the time of reporting of loss or damaged card. Fashion Nova would also need the original proof of the purchase in that case.

Fashion Nova Gift Card Value in Case of Lost:

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If the Card or E-Card is stolen and someone makes a copy of your Card and redeems the card for the full amount, the card will have no value. Likewise, if anyone redeems your Gift or E-Card for a partial amount, Fashion Nova will not replace the amount that was partially used through the links.

Customers are advised to contact the Fashion Nova Customer Care Team for any questions or info about promotions or if they suspect that someone has stolen their Card or E-Card through email. The value which is not used will be re-issued to the customer on a new Card or E-Card, and the initial or stolen Card or E-Card will be blocked from the links as the brand has its own copyright on E-Cards and rights on other return policies.