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About Shiels Discount Codes

Shiels is one of the leading stores which came into being in 1945, Adelaide. Their different kind of jewelry is ever since. Today they are one of the best sites that deal with over 8000 products in silver, gold, and precious stones.

About Shiels

First, they started their business in Adelaide now; they have expanded their business and inaugurated their stores in different shopping malls in different cities of Australia like Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane. And it comes under the leading jewelry retailer stores in Australia and beyond.

Mr. and Mrs. HooHaa’s son took over Shiels as a Managing director, and they promised to offer different and unique jewelry at the best possible price. Their target was to enhance customer service and enrich the customers they have. They ensure that they provide the latest jewelry designs for today and the rest of the year.

They desire to provide the latest designs which you will not find anywhere else except Shiels with discounted price by availing Shiels discount codes.

They always deal with refined pieces, which are most comfortable to wear and give the customer the utmost satisfaction. Their prices are so affordable, and that makes their reputation consistent, and it maintains the reputation as the top retailer of jewelry in Australia. It is the perfect site from where you can buy perfect rings for your wedding and engagement. They are dealing with customers In South and Western Australia, Queensland, having the best staff members to help you anywhere at any time.

They have a large variety of watches and jewelry; whether you are looking for a shimmering ring of diamond for your engagement or wedding or a beautiful gold necklace or pair of silver earrings, they serve everything with best-discounted prices. They offer worldwide shipping.

Diamond Lifetime Guarantee

Shiels offers a 12-month guarantee, but now they come up with something exciting like they are offering lifetime guarantee from the date you have purchased.  They deal with different items of diamonds, and this lifetime guarantee enhances customer satisfaction, which makes increase their brand equity and loyalty towards their stores.

Collecting personal information

They do not ask for any personal information until and unless there is something severe or necessary. They only collect that information which is legally accepted by law. They usually collect the following information if needed.

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Contact Information
  • Postal code
  • Preferences
  • Demographics

Shiels Return Policy

They offer a return policy if anyhow you didn’t like any jewelry or watch, but it has to be untouched, has not been worn by any of the customers. Damaged or the return department will not entertain scratched items. Customers can return their items within 30 days from shipment if they want a full refund. They also provide new topics if the things they have delivered are wrong, like defective or they have given different items from what you have ordered after asking for the refunded customer need to wait for at least four to five weeks.

Furthermore, in most of the cases, they refund customers money as soon as possible. Mostly it takes time because of the customer returning package than the processing time after the items have been received, and mostly it takes time in the bank where they process the refund request. That’s why the refund of your items takes four to five weeks.

Lastly, diamond or any type of jewelry is something that expresses a person in the world, and somehow it portrays the story to the world. You need to know what exactly you are looking for whether you are purchasing it for yourself or as a gift for anyone else you should be very well aware of the stones and other elements.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shiels

Q. Can I track my order?

When the order you have placed will be dispatched from the Shiels, customers will receive the confirmation message about their order with a tracking number. With the help of that tracking number, you can easily track your order from visiting their site. If, because of any reason, customers will not receive any confirmation message of their order, then they have to contact their customer service department for further issues.

Q. Does customer have to sign paper before receiving parcel?

Yes, before they will hand over your items they will ask you to sign the paper that shows you have received your parcel. If you will not receive your parcel due to any reason or you are not at home to receive that parcel than they will leave a card telling you to collect your order from any Australian post office nearby you.

Q. How many stores they have in Australia?

They have stores in three different part of Australia.

  • Queensland
  • Western Australia
  • South Australia

Q. How to use Shiels discount code

You can use shiels discount code by following the easy steps discussed below.

  • Go to Shiels website and select your items
  • Add them to the basket
  • Go to our website, “Retailescaper.”
  • Choose the best discount code for your order
  • Copy the code from the website
  • Go the main webpage of Shiels
  • Paste the code in the box to get the discounted price
  • Click Buy Now, and enjoy your shopping.

Q. What if i didn’t receive my order?

When anyone makes an order from Shiels, their automated email machine sends the message to the customer regarding their orders. Sometimes emails might go to the junk folder or spam folder, which makes customers worry about their order. Still because of any reason customers will not receive the order they have purchased they have to choose Order Inquiries in the query form and let them know the issue with your order.