About Petsmart

Petsmart was started in 1986 by Janice and Jim Dougherty. The first two of its stores opened in 1987 in Phoenix, Arizona. The company has expanded to today include 1650 stores today, and besides the USA, has branched out to Canada and Puerto Rico. 

In the USA it is considered to be the largest privately owned pet related store. Most interestingly, it also provides pet food, pet supplies and pet accessories- in fact even some small pets. Petsmart however gets a lot of competition from the pet divisions of Amazon, Walmart and Target. 

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Petsmart Services   

Petsmart stores in the USA also provide such services as pet grooming, pet daycare, pet training and boarding, pet veterinary care using in-store and third-party clinics. For those that are interested in dog and cat adoption, they can apply for this at the in-store adoption centers of Petsmart. These are facilitated by the non-profit organization called PetSmart Charities

About Petsmart Discount Coupons

Petsmart is one business that is devoted to all things pet related. What is more, the company provides a number of discounts and saving coupons that enable customers to buy the best things for their pets at reduced rates. 

One of the codes available regards 20 percent discount on wellness single items, plus another 2 percent cash back. You can do this by using the code WELLNESS20. 

Another one lets users earn 4 times Treat points plus 2 percent cash back. You can even get 10 percent discount on select aquarium stands + 2 percent cash back.

There is another code for 15 percent reduction on Full Cheeks Habitats plus 2 percent cash back. You can use the Buy one, Get one free on small pet diets, plus 2 percent cash back. 

For starters, you can get a 50 percent reduction when you buy one get one free on selected reptile heating and light bulbs. This again comes with a 2 percent cash back.    

You can get up to 35 percent reduction on selected Aquariums, weighting from 3 gallons minimum to 37 gallons maximum. This also comes with a  two percent cash back.  

You can again buy one, get one free with a 25 percent reduction on Bird Treats. There is a 2 percent cash back on this one as well. Another coupon allows you to buy two, get one free on bird toys.  Get one 50 percent reduction on Bird Toys. in addition to getting 2 percent cash back. 

You can avail up to $110 off on selected Aquatic Canister Filters. This also comes with a 2 percent cash back. 

Another discount coupon allows for up to $50 discount on Top Fin Aquarium Starter Kits from 5 gallons to 55 gallons along with a 2.0 percent cash back facility.

You can buy one exercise and move Cat Toy, and get the second one at a 50 percent discount. off. A two percent cash back is included with this deal. 

A discount is also available with one Full Cheeks Hay of 96 ounces, whereby you can get the second one for 50 percent off, in addition to a two percent cash back deal.  

You may buy one select Dog Calming Chews and Supplements, with the second for 50 percent off, with a two percent cash back. 

You can buy one Tough Plush Dog Toy and get the second one for 50 percent off. The two percent cash back is included.  

Users can also get up to $20 off the Pet Safe Scoop Free Litter Boxes including a 2 percent cash back. 

You can get up to $100 reduction on select Aquarium and Stand Ensembles, with a 2 percent cash back. 

Coupon holders are able to buy one Frozen Dog Food and Toppers, with a 25 % discount on the second one. The familiar two percent cash back is included.  

Users may purchase 4 Dog Meal Toppers, 5 ounces to 2 pound packages, and get the 5th one free. The customary two percent cash back is included.  

You can buy ten Wellness, Applaws, and Tiki Cat Cat Food from 1 to12.5 ounce Cans, and get the 11th and 12th ones free. This also comes with a 2 percent cash back. 

You can buy two Dog Treats and Chews, while getting the 3rd one for a 50 percent reduction.This also comes with a 2 percent cash back. 

Quite the best thing about the Petsmart coupons is the almost uniform 2 percent cash back with every deal. This ensures that you get some money saved for use no matter what discount you avail.  

FAQ/ Frequently Asked Questions

Being the topmost pet retail store in the USA, Petsmart continues to receive a ton of questions from its users. A few of them are appended below:

  • How can I track my order?

You can track your order from Petsmart by accessing your email and noting the order number. Then type the order number on the webpage and you can see the current status of your order in real time. 

  • How can I open an account with Petsmart?

 To create an account, just go to the Petsmart website and register with a Username and Password. Then you can log in to the account and get some benefits on joining like discount on first order etc. Joining also lets you get rewards and points through the Treats Rewards program.