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About Hero Forge Promo Codes

As a child, we all grew up watching animated films where there are some superheroes that we admire and considered as our idols. Each person has its sketches and thoughts about his heroes and how he/she wants their heroes to look like. Hero Forge allows those people to convert their imagination and thoughts into reality by producing their heroes for real. And by using the Hero Forge Discount Code, which is available on, you can save up to 30% on your order.

How Hero Forge Works:

Materials used by Hero Forge:

  • Plastic:

The plastic they use is acrylic plastic coated with grey primer. The plastic is rigid and has light layer texture; also, the details of the miniature are softer than the miniature created with the premium plastic. This miniature is 3D printed with (SLA) printing technique, where they hardened the liquid resin layer by layer with the use of UV lights. These plastic miniature have some inconsistencies in the overall finish due to the removal of the support sprues. These plastic miniatures are durable and have good quality overall and start from the price range of $19.99.

  • Premium Plastic:

Premium plastic is the best option we’ve available in the plastic range and has the glossy black color. The fidelity of these 3D designs is very high, and they are best for the users who demand more consistency. These miniatures are also created from the (SLA) printing technique and are best for the painting. They look so elegant as the tabletop. This plastic is slightly flexible and has small nubs and spots where the removal of support sprues had taken place. These miniatures are less durable but have good quality and start from the price range of $29.99. You can also avail discount on them by using Hero Forge Promo Code available on

  • Steel:

Our steel has the brownish shade and has a resemblance to the cast iron. It is rough as compared to the plastic miniatures, but it is more durable and heavy in weight. Hero Forge uses 3D printers to create these miniatures. Those 3D printers bind the layers of steel power with the use of adhesive. After that, the adhesive gets replaced with metal by the Bronze infusion process. These miniatures have the best durability but have fewer details as compared to the plastic miniatures. They start from the price range of $34.99.

  • Bronze:

Our Bronze miniatures have a rich golden color. These are the most expensive miniatures we’ve, but you can avail discounts on them by using the Hero Forge Discount Code from They are hand polished and have the best details you can ever think of. You can even see the facial expressions on the 30mm scale. These miniatures go through multiple polishing processes, which gives them the smooth and soft finish and makes them glossy and beautiful. They are heavy-weighted and have the best durability and details. They start from the price range of $99.99.

Shipping Methods & Process:

Once you place your order, you will get a confirmation email regarding the details of your miniatures and the shipping process. We do ship our miniatures in several countries around the globe, including the United States, Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, The United Kingdom, The European Region, Australia, and New Zealand. We do charge different shipping rates for different counties; also, some additional taxes and duties will be applied according to the shipping practices in your country. Some orders which are placed outside the United States can face due in delivery because of the courier services available in your country.

Methods of Shipping:

  • For the United States, we use UPS Mail Innovations. It will take 2-3 business days for the transit of your product.
  • For Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, we use UPS Mail Innovations, which handed off the product to your local shipping services. Because of this handoff, your product can be delayed and can face gaps in tracking.
  • We use UPS First Class to deliver the miniature internationally. All the international transits will take up to a week but can be delayed, depends on the shipping process of each country.
  • You can also use Hero Forge Free Shipping Discount Code to get rid of the shipping cost and can get your product without paying anything for shipping.

Return Policy:

Hero Forge does not offer any warranty for the miniature but, you can return your product within the 10 days of the model receipt. Once you get your order, immediately check your model according to the receipt. If the model is faulty or defected and you believe that you deserve the replacement, then claim your replacement within the 10 days after the model receipt. Note that these warranty claims can only be made within the 10 days of model receipt, and after that, you cannot claim for any kind of replacement or exchange. Another thing to keep in mind that we do not offer any exchange or refund for the miniatures created digitally.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hero Forge

Q. Can I get Hero Forge Coupon Codes Online?

Yes, you can get Hero Forge Promo Codes and Coupon Codes online from different websites, such as

Q. Does Hero Forge offer Discount on Bulk Orders?

Sadly, they do not offer any kind of discounts on a bulk order, but you can always use Hero Forge Discount Code to avail discounts on your order.

Q. Does Hero Forge offer Gift Vouchers?

Yes, you can get Hero Forge Gift vouchers from their websites without any hurdle.

Q. Is the materials of the miniatures are safe to eat?

Definitely not, they are surely not for the eating. You cannot use them for any eating purposes.

Q. What currency does Hero Forge use to quote prices on their website?

They use US Dollars to quote the prices of miniature at their website.