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Hairs are the most elegant and important element of anybody’s personality and most survey’s witness that 50% of the personality depends on the hair and hair style. Intelligent people always wish to keep their hair healthy and strong. Many of the branded shampoos and gels are available in the market to keep the hair strong. However, all the efforts and care can be wasted and in vain if someone is using a low grade brushes. It is always preferred to use quality brushes in order to keep your hair strong.


Happy Hair Brushes are designed to avoid pain and breakages with an attractive offer to send the brush back to us, if you don’t like it, for all free and 100% refund. No competitor in the market has ever offered any such offer in the history of bush industry.

Happy Hair Brush is currently offered 9 standard brushes with 3 mini brushes besides 4 baby brushes. For sensitive scalps, they have designed especially soft brushes. The mini brush is designed for handy purpose so that one can carry it into purses and dance bags.


The especially designed Happy Baby Brushes for baby’s hair. Regular brushes are usually goat hair and they just rub the baby’s head. Happy Hair Brushes are made to see that the brush is working in a way that it picks dead skin cells of the scalp and secondly, we want our customer to know that the brushes are not like any other normal brushes.

The Happy Brushes worked on a length of up to 6-8 cm. For hair longer that, one can go for our mini brush and sensory brushes. If you want these brushes for your baby, you can use our Happy Hair Brush Promo Codes to get discount on your desired brush.


There are numbers of cheap brushes available in the market which costs nothing to you, but one should have to take care of their hair.  Cheap brush pull and rip out hair and not suitable for brushing. Happy Hair Brush pricing is unmatched when it is compared with what you have invested in your hair being strong and healthy. Happy Hair Brush invests in research and development in order to make perfect brushes.

Please also keep in mind that Happy Hair Brush is offering a discounted price to Saloons and Stockiest. Market survey shows that Saloon owners are frustrated by their supplier for cheap quality and delay in supply. Happy Hair Brush allows the Saloon owners to have a choice and freedom to get the products on their terms. All our Saloon owners are genuinely happy because of our one stockiest per post code policy.



Your visit on our website will identify us from which country you are in and accordingly the stock shown on your screen are the one which can be shipped to you in your destination.  Since Australia is our main hub, send the products outside Australia is very expenses for our customers as well. In order to minimize the cost, we have opened various warehouses in several countries around the globe.


All the orders received before 10:00 am will be dispatched same day. If the order is placed after 10:00 a.m the product will be reached the destination next working day. All the orders posted on weekends, will be shipped on Monday.

Since our customers are from all over Australia, Happy hair Brush uses Australia Post as some of the cheaper courier services are not covering rural or remote areas. Our experience with Australia Post is very good and our customers are also satisfied with the Postal Arrangements.


Starting 2019, Happy Hair Brush made arrangements to ship worldwide. There are different arrangements of postal and delivery networks and system in different countries. So it is recommended to ask about order and we will support and serve you accordingly.


It is requested to please decide your brush color before you order the same on our website. Our shipping time is very quick and the order is processed within few hours. If any of our customers wishes to change the color of brush, please contact us immediately, before it is being dispatched. Happy hair Brush will try its best to change the color of your choice, however, if it is already shipped, we are afraid we could do nothing on requests received after dispatch of the order.


If there is any delay in your order, please check the address of your order. There are instances, where people pay with PayPal, and they don’t check the address on the PayPal, and the order is shipping to your old address. In case, if it happens, let us know before the orders is processed. In some cases, check your local Post Office. Sometimes the Post office has received your order and the delivery details card is not in your mailbox. In such case, please contact the post office through your tracking number which you have received in your order confirmation email.


The head of the Mini Brush is a lot smaller than a normal Happy Hair Brush. The size allows keeping the brush in your pocket. It’s is great for young kids who are in the process of learning to brush their hair. The mini brush is unique as the guys love it as its small enough for short hairs and beards. Mini brushes are designed to be easily kept in purse or sports or dance bags without any pain or fuss.


Not recommended. These brushes are not styling tools for blow drying. Please don’t use it on heat, as the long nylon pin can melt and cause damage.

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In case of nay query or question regarding products, you may contact happy hair brush Australia customer support team. The team is dedicated to solve customer related queries first before anything else. Therefore, don’t hesitate in reaching out to them. You may call at +61 438 486 887 or email at info@happyhairbrush.com.au