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Fresh truly believes that eating fresh, nutritious, and delicious dishes should be available to all with the Freshly promo code. Freshly works hard for you and makes sure the quality of ingredients at all times and packed with good stuff.

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Freshly Meals:

All Freshly meals are cooked in a big kitchen which is over 60,000 square feet in Arizona, New Jersey, and Maryland. The equipment used by Freshly is well suited for small batch production which helps in making meals for a number of customers at a time with a number of coupons available for them.

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Each of the Freshly meal is perfectly sized for a single person to enjoy in one sitting. The fully prepared meals are delivered fresh and ready to eat. Every meal is prepared with natural ingredients, well preserved, refined sugars, and more. The customers will get food with the highest quality cooked by Freshly chef-prepared meals with standards set by Freshly nutritionists. Freshly also offers some specific diets with the options of high protein, vegetarian, and much more with Fresh Promo Codes for the first 4 orders.

Freshly Keeps the Food Fresh

Fantastic coupon - 40 off your first four orders with couponFreshly keeps the meals super fresh even in transit. Freshly use modified atmospheric packaging, which involves modifying the composition of the internal atmosphere of the meals which improves the shelf life of fresh food more than any other packaging service.

The process helps in reducing the amount of oxygen and thus slows the growth of aerobic organisms and the speed of oxidation reactions. Freshly meals are safer to withstand 60 hours of travel and delivery time.

Freshly Meals Stay Fresh Even After Shipment

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The packaging system at Freshly is made to keep the meals nice and cool for almost 2 days i.e. 48 hours of shipping with another 12 hours at customer place making a total of 60 hours for the freshness of the meal. Freshly regularly test their packages to ensure that the meal withstands for full 2 days and more.

Freshly never compromises on artificial or chemical preservatives and all the prepared meals have a refrigerated life of about 4-5 days. If any of the customers are unable to finish their meal within the shelf life, they can freeze the meal into the freezer for extended storage.

Freshly Environment-Friendly Packaging

Freshly works hard to minimize the environmental impact of their meals. The meal boxes, plastic meal containers, and cardboard sleeves are recyclable. The gel ice packs are non-toxic and the plastic bags around the gel are recyclable also.

Freshly Special Promo Codes

Freshly is not offering any special military or senior promo codes discounts, but there is a student discount and a promo gift card available for the students. Freshly also have a promo code for new customer for first 4 orders.

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Freshly Student Coupon Codes

Student Coupon code offers for the first two orders

Students can set up their Student Beans Account at About.Fresh.com/students at the website. Students can receive their personalized coupon codes for 15% off for any meal plan for four weeks for the first 4 orders. However, students ages should be more than 16 years and they should be in a full-time education program with a valid student email and complete address of the door where the order is to be delivered.

Freshly Meal Plans

All the meal plans of Freshly are single serving and meant for an average adult one sitting meal and other meal options as per the choice of the customers. The 6-meal plan is ideal for a person looking for 6 dinners (or lunch) in a week. On average, the weight of one meal is about 13 ounces which is 10% more per meal offered by other competitors. For a large household, Freshly offers a 12 meals per week subscription. which is ideal for a family of four people looking for 3 meals per week.

Freshly Dietary Preferences

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Freshly offers a variety of dietary preferences and the entire menu is peanut and gluten-free. Customers can set their dietary preferences to find out the meals that are suitable for them. If any of the customers has a very specific dietary preference, they can check out the individual ingredient lists for each dish and can place their selected meal at support@freshly.com.

Freshly Meals Temperature

Freshly meals come to you fully prepared so customers will only have to heat them up in the microwave. Customers can find heating guidelines on the back of each meal pack, but ideally, the heat up time is about 3 minutes. The meals are packaged to be heated in the microwave.

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Freshly Meal Delivery Service

Food Delivery through Freshly promo codes

Freshly meal delivery orders are shipped in all the states with US and the delivery partners are managing meal deliveries every day of the week at the door-step of the customers. . There are details available for the customers to choose what's best date and times suitable for them for the first two weeks of their subscribed order for the healthy meals delivered at your address.

Freshly Subscription Through Coupon Code

Customers can pick their selection of meals from Freshly weekly rotation for savings also. The rotation plans start at just USD. 8.49 per meal and available in four plan sizes which are 4, 6, 10, or 12 meals per week. Once the customers selected their plan, they can pick the most convenient delivery day for them, and Freshly will arrange shipment at your doorstep.

Freshly coupon codes

Payments at Freshly

Freshly coupon code for 6 meals

Freshly accepts payment through debit and credit cards, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club Card. Freshly also accept PayPal and Apple Pay with restriction on Google Wallet or prepaid cards with no commission.

Freshly will charge the default payment method on the subscription, but customers can update their bank debit and credits cards at the Freshly site.

Choose Fresh Meals Through Freshly App

Customers can swipe their orders as they would like to edit on the menu. Once the order is finalized, customers can see a pre-selected menu based on their meal history, dietary preferences, and all updates on their menu. Customers can swap or increase their meals by tapping the plus and minus buttons.

Freshly App for coupon codes for 6 meals

Change Your Delivery Day in The Freshly App

For any change in the delivery date of your order, just swipe the deliveries to the order you want to change or amend. Fresh will make room for the order if it is change within the week. Select "Reschedule Delivery" to change the delivery date for the healthy meals delivered at your home.

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Please note that only the particular orders will be updated for the change day and it is not a change for any future orders. If any of the customers wants to make permanent changes to their subscription, they will have to update all orders showing in their "Deliveries". This will update the future weeks that are not currently shown under upcoming deliveries.

Freshly Customer Services Team Website

Coupon Codes Queries about first 4 boxes and first 3 orders with Freshly coupons

The Customer Care Services of Freshly is always there to help our customers at all times i.e. 24/7 with all rights reserved. Customers can send a text message besides call them or send queries through their email address. Customers can also chat with the Fresh Customer Care Team for the discount and coupon details and affiliate commission for their savings.