Autodoc Discount Codes

Cars are not a luxury these days and it become necessity for almost every human being all around the globe. As a child grows up to an age of 18, he or she demanded for a separate car and the demand of car is increasing day by day. To address the demand of all the vehicles, there are number of manufacturers in the world who are running into a competition of offering latest and new technologies in their models to address the demand and supply ratio. In order to keep their vehicles long lasting, manufacturers are always go for the best spare parts and always recommends high quality spare parts in case of any replacement or exchange in future.


The AutoDoc online shop offers all spare parts for all models of all car brands. Our customers can find the auto parts of their needs in just few second through our smart and vigilant online system. The AutoDoc customers services Team comprised of highly qualified professionals, who are there to help our customers in a friendly way to choose their requirements parts and how to place an order.


There are various products (spare parts) which are available with bonus points. To avail the bonus points, please find out the products which are marked with BONUS. Each item offers a bonus points. The value of the bonus point may change in between the ordering processing, as it depends on the country of delivery.


Autodoc one bonus point is equal to GBP 1.   You can add your bonus points till them to reach at 12% of your next purchase with Autodoc at any time. In order to avail the bonus points, please use the apply bonus on checkout page, while ordering your product. The total cost of the spare part will automatically be reduced by 12% (which is your bonus point value). These bonus points can be availed for 30 days from the date of credit in your account. In case of any return of the product, the bonus points will be deducted from the account.


If any of our customer select credit card as the payment option while on the buy option, you will redirected to a secure page where customer can select their credit card type Customer will have to enter the correct credit card information and confirm the payment.   The Credit Card will be charged once the required order has been completed.

For PayPal customers, once the customer places the order, they will be redirect to PayPal page where they can log in make payment through PayPal. For all Paypal customers, they will have to hold a PayPal account. Please also note that there is no extra charge for PayPal customers.


The delivery time of your desired product depends on the availability of the product.   Customers are requested to please check the availability status on the product page. Also please note that there will be no delivery scheduled for public holidays.


Items in stock show that the product is available in our stocks. The available stock can be shipped within 4-5 working days of the receipt of payment for your desired order.


Items out of stock elaborate that the items are either sold or discontinued and not presently available. In this case, we regret the inconvenience caused to our customers and advise them to contact some other manufacturer for their product.


Autodoc has developed a Return Portal for the convenience of their customers, who, for some reason want to return the products. At this Portal, customers can quickly and easily register the details of the return product.

At the Autodoc Return Portal, customer will have to input their postal code and order number and have to provide the details of the products, they want the return, and the system will automatically process the return as quickly as possible. However, while returning the products, please make sure that the items have not been damaged or modified, and are in original packaging. If in case, the product is found damaged or modified, it should not be exchanged. If the original packaging is damaged, the cost of the packaging will be deducted from your refund.


Autodoc is also offering Core Spare Parts. If any of our customer wishes to purchase a part which is marked “core part”, they will have to pay a core charge in addition to the price of the spare part itself. These core charges are the amount which the manufacturers required as guarantee to old spare part is returned for re-manufacturing. As soon as the old spare is returned, these core charges will be refunded to the customer.


The core charges will be refunded as per the payment method or through your account with



The delivery of the used part will be made at the cost of the customer. In case the order includes the Safe Order option, the customer will borne the cost of delivery of returning the used spare part. If, for any reason, the customer may not be able to return the old spare, the core charge will not be returned or refunded to the customer and the manufacturer will retained the charged as compensation. If the old used part is return, but it is found damaged or cracks, the core charged will not be refunded, as the damaged old part is of no use to Autodoc