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This blog is specifically for fitness enthusiasts and sports lovers. If you are on your way to find a perfect diet plan that matches your daily activities then you might want to visit UK’s most popular fitness store – MuscleFood. My name is Maria Trevor and I am a national-level cricketer.  I was fond of cricket from my childhood and succeeded to represent my county as a bowling all-rounder.  During my career, I had faced some diet and fitness problems which are addressed with the help of my couches, family, friends, and some unseen friends which I wish to share with you my experience with MuscleFood, which also offers a 50% Off MuscleFood Discount Code.

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My father is also an athlete and being the only child, I admire his sports activities. From childhood, I accompany my father in all his sports activities which automatically made my mind that I should opt for any sports as my career.  In the early days of school and later at the college and university level, I represent my institution teams as an all-rounder.  Since at the university level, all my efforts are just a hobby without any guidance and tips from any of the coaches.   I was known for my bowling during my University days.

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My father was my coach at that time, and I follow his guidance in my sports and studies. After the studies, he referred me to the State Academy through one of his friends, and the Academy has called for me a trial session next weekend.   I was very excited and enthusiastically wait for the trails. 

On the day, I have shown my excellence in both bowling and batting, however, the Academy Coach has advised me to more focus on bowling, as he has seen some special variety in my spin bowling.  He has also instructed me to put some weight as I was underweight as compared to my age and height. I qualify for the Academy test and become a member of the Academy. My coach has put an extra effort into my growth, due to my father’s reputation.  My performance in the Championship was beyond expectations and I was declared woman of the series.  Suddenly, I became a star and start giving interviews at front-line sports channels.

On the next phase, I was called for a trial at the National Academy and everybody there was impressed with my spin variation and quality bowling.  I got selected in the list of 20 for the final 13 for the team to tour Australia. However, in the final selection and fitness test, I could not qualify for the fitness test due to my weight and was advised to go the home and re-join the Academy after three months.


My father has come up with the idea of utilizing MuscleFood sells lean meats and sports supplements and urged me to have the proteins daily to gain some weight.  I start MuscleFood recipes that provide vitamins and protein and gradually I start feeling more fitter and motivated.

The Australian trip has gone, but I now have to focus on the next series which is scheduled after three months.  Although an international tour was missed, “MuscleFood” and its recipes helps me to get some proteins and match my fitness and weight for future tours.

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