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This blog shares my association with Muscle Food, offering a 50% Off MuscleFood Discount Code and helping me in meeting the dietary requirements for my body that I always wanted.                           

I belong to a highly qualified family and education is the priority of our family.  My father was a Ph.D. doctor in Biology and my mother was Head of Bio-Science at a local University in the UK.   I am the only son of my parents and from my childhood, I was brilliant in my studies.   The reason for this brilliance is not my skills but I took it as in my genetics.

After the preliminary studies till Graduation, I was interested in doing Chartered Accountancy and starting my career as Head of Finance or CFO.  My parents have no reservations about my place and appreciate my plan.  However, I still remember my mother advice: Do whatever you want to, but be on top of it: 


I did my Chartered Accountancy from Cambridge and subsequently received offers from some multi-Nationals and different banks. After a short discussion with my parents, I decided to join a Bank, who is offering me a CFO position and the initial offer was also very attractive.   The Bank is globally renowned and has operations all over the world.   Initially, I was given the position for UK operations only, which is also a very big opportunity, as the UK operations only have more than 300 branches.

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The next year I got married to my classmate from Cambridge who is also working for a Multi-National Company and we both are very busy in our professional endeavors.

After serving five years in the UK, the Management of the Bank has offered me to look after the Middle East & Asia Region as Regional Head.  This means that I have to look after more than 1,000 branches of the Bank.   The offer was very attractive but I have never been to this region before.   However, after consultation with my wife, I accept the offer and start planning my shift.  At this point, my wife has requested me to go alone as she cannot leave her assignments plus she has to look after the kids and home here.

She was right with her arguments and I resume my office based in Hong Kong.   From time to time, I have to visit across the region and this allows me to visit and enjoy more places than ever before.  However, what I experienced here is that everybody wants to sit late and compromise on their family and personal life.  Initially, I thought that they are sitting unnecessary, but later it was revealed that the business here works like that.  


I have nothing to do at my home especially when it comes to food and meal as I have no idea of cooking and can only boil an egg and make coffee for myself.  I start searching online food but my priority is to go for ready-to-cook foods rather than fast foods.  A saw different platforms, but the most attractive and economical deals are offered by MuscleFood.  The added advantage is that the recipes are delivered with a recipe card so that everybody can make them and enjoy them. 

 I ordered five different meals for the entire week which were delivered in the evening.  I start trying to make Chicken Breast with the help of the Recipe Card guidelines and it was made awesome.  Immediately I took a picture and send it to my wife and tell her about my achievement.  She was very happy and satisfied that I made my arrangements for the food with the help of MuscleFood Recipes.

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